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Brodhead Pietenpol Association

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38th Annual Pietenpol Reunion - BPA

Thursday, July 25 to Sunday, July 28, 2013 

Notes from the BPA Staff


We can tell from all our email, notes from members and phone calls, that everyone is really looking forward to the “Gathering” this year at Brodhead.  There should be plenty to do again this year with the very top item on the list being to watch Piets in the sky and visit with Piet friends on the ground.  That’s what it’s all about!  There will be some old stand-by activities and some new ones too.


Some old favorites:  BPA will be setting up our registration booth this year along with all our other “items of interest” in the brown hangar on the East side of the airport. There is a service door right next to the “Porta Pottys” which we’re sure everyone can locate - the big hangar door facing the South will also be open.  Everyone can stop by and pick up a free name tag so it’s easier to get to know one another.  Check to make sure we have your member photo and also register for a door prize and check with the ladies on how you’re doing with your membership dues.


Back by popular demand this year there will be the tables set up for the “Silent Auction”.  Just mark your bid on the sheets and the highest bidder will be announced at 4:30 on Saturday.  We already have some quality donations coming in for this event and are wide open to getting more.  Proceeds from this event benefit BPA and also our hosts – EAA Chapter 431.


Something new:  In response for assistance to the Chapter 431 folks, who have so much to do in hosting this event, BPA member Skip Gadd (probably assisted by his lovely wife Cinda) will be in charge of giving out the traditional white cap to any pilot upon the initial landing of his Pietenpol airplane for this event.  So watch for Skip upon landing and if he happens to miss you, check in at the BPA booth in the brown hangar and we’ll make sure you hook up with Skip and get your 2013 white cap.


The first annual Pietenpol “Spirit Award” will be presented Saturday night just before the Pork Chop Dinner. “This trophy will be to award the Air Camper that exemplifies the Golden Age of Aviation and celebrates the simple genius of the design.  It will reward the Air Camper that captures the spirit of B.H.Pietenpol and the era from which it came. A perpetual trophy has been procured and a check-list for judging has been finalized.”  See Larry Williams for further details about this event.


Make sure you check out the Saturday Forum Schedule on page 15 of this issue.  Start off the day with Jack McCarthy (Stevensville MD) telling us about the FAA updates and how they may affect you and your Piet.  Then PF Beck (Barnwell SC) will be talking about the Pietenpol/Riblett airfoil comparison project he and Don Harper undertook and their results.  Right after lunch William Wynne (Orange Park FL) will be updating us with the latest Corvair engine happenings and Pietenpol related topics.  Then Pat Ripp (Janesville WI) who is an aviation instructor at Blackhawk Tech will be exploring the mysteries of the magneto and some fuel system considerations.  Ken Perkins (Olathe KS) will wrap up the Forums with his presentation on making metal parts.


After the forums are complete, Larry Williams (Lonake AR) and his team will then present the 1st annual Pietenpol “Spirit Award. 


Following this presentation, BPA will conduct the drawing of member names for presenting some “membership awards” with the traditional Chapter 431 Pork Chop Dinner closing out the Saturday activities.


If you're planning on attending AirVenture this year, stop by and visit with Doc and Dee at the Monday and/or Thursday Forum.





Oshkosh 2013


BPA will be doing two forums again this year:

“The Zen of Pietenpol Homebuilding”


• Monday – July 29th 10-11:15 am

     Forum Pavilion 02 GAMA K09

• Thursday – August 1st 11:30 am-12:45 pm

     Forum Pavilion 09 Honda Generators K09